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Sliding Wardrobes Sydney

Sliding Wardrobes in SydneyNot every bedroom spaces are made the same. While some are large and spacious, others may be of a more modest size. In some instances, though the room may be large, the space for a built-in wardrobe may be positioned at a very odd spot, (next to a door or passage). In this case, Sliding Wardrobes in Sydney become the best option for your bedroom.  Today, a large number of homeowners are opting for this type of wardrobe because it offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Fits in well in compact bedrooms
  • Ideal for areas where you need more floor space
  • Easy installation
  • Tracking systems are highly advanced and provide smooth movement of panels
  • Customisation options available
  • Ease of access to inner space
  • Lesser clearance required
  • Can have mirrors on front panel for an expansive look
  • Available in a variety of personalisation and styling options
  • Personalisation options for panels and tracks
  • Can be made of materials including wood, plastic, and glass
  • Adds spaciousness to the space
  • Sometimes heavy materials can affect the structure of hinged doors and they can drag the hinges down. This isn’t a problem with Sliding Wardrobes in Sydney as all the weight is evenly distributed
  • Any amount of customisation is possible
  • No opening and shutting multiple doors to get access to things stored inside
  • If you add mirrors to the panels, they double up as a dressing mirror, thus saving floor space
  • Leaves sufficient space for furniture, in the bedroom

When you choose to opt for our Sliding Wardrobes in Sydney, you are assured that the job will be tackled in the best possible way. Our designers work closely with you and ensure that all your ideas and requirements are incorporated into the designs they provide. No matter what your requirement, you are assured that the job will get done in a methodical and seamless manner.

Customisation and More

We know that it can be challenging to make the right choice when there is such a wide choice of materials, styling and design options. Its why we provide complete support with every aspect of Sliding Wardrobes in Sydney.  We work in a very concerted manner to ensure that every detail is just the way you want it to be and the priority is to customise the appearance as well as organisation of the shelves, clothes hanging rods, baskets etc.

Why opt for Us?

It is this attention to detail and the fact that we never cut corners in our work or compromise on quality that has made us the preferred company for Sliding Wardrobes in Sydney. Customers opt for our services also because:

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We are the experts that know what it takes to provide Sliding Wardrobes in Sydney that work perfectly for our customers. Every job is carried out in a detailed and meticulous manner and our focus is on providing you value for money. Call Brilliant Wardrobes and Kitchens at this number-02 9723 0395. Alternatively, send us your queries via this Contact Us form. Call us today and book a free measure & quote. We offer 10% discount on all online bookings- Book your obligation-free quote today!