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Built In Wardrobes Sydney

A built in wardrobe take up the least amount of room in your bedroom and will still allow space to store many of your important items. Built in Wardrobes are our biggest speciality as they are the most common. We can maximise your storage space by using great wardrobe organisers and shelves.

Most built in wardrobes will come standard with a single hanging rod and a couple shelves. Imagine adding what you like that way you can utilise every piece of your wardrobe to what you have, this way you won’t need to reach to the ends of the cupboards to get something. You will have plenty space for shoes accessories and many more.

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At Brilliant Wardrobes and kitchens Sydney, we assist customers design their dream home exquisitely by providing a great Installation of high quality wardrobes. We have a wide array of unique designed wardrobe collection, which transform your dwellings from the ordinary into the extraordinary in less time. Brilliant wardrobes and kitchens makes every room special, with our stylish, sleek and space saving wardrobes to match your needs, taste and budget.

Why we are the best option for your wardrobe needs in Sydney?

With an extensive range of experience for 10 years in this Industry, Brilliant wardrobes and Kitchens Sydney covered all Insurance and License and have crowned up as the best wardrobe builders in Australia. We do not compromise on the quality of materials and our experienced in-house craftsmen perfectly utilise their skills and expertise with the utmost care that enable us to provide each wardrobe with the guarantee of 10 years.

Simply adorn your homes with Brilliant wardrobes Sydney

Generally, People all over the world are opting effortless & economical ways to furnish their dwellings with simple & space saving furniture that should give their home spaces distinctive and pleasing appearance without compromising on design and quality. Sensing this, we provide different options and services people to achieve their favourite wardrobes with their specific requirements. Those are:

  • Custom Built in Wardrobes Sydney: We understand that everyone has different Ideas and concepts and there for we respectfully accept your choice and preference in making wardrobes for you. Our designers will be happy in working very closely with you, understanding your special needs and choices. You can choose from custom options for
  • Materials
  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Finishes
  • Layouts
  • Accessories
  • Fitting

For custom built in wardrobes Sydney, you can design your favourite wardrobes with the desirable facilities such as storage capacity, depth of shelves and drawers, hanging space, handles, and theme and so on. Our designers can support you in your researching process, estimation and design phase and provide you options, colour swatches and samples that help you to make your best choice. Our dedicated technicians can handle all the Installation process, and you can be rest assured that your requirements delivered fault free in less time.

  • Hinged Wardrobes: The perfect option for spacious rooms. Hinged wardrobes are facilitated with Aesthetic appearance, High Storage capacity, perfect grip and functionality, altogether make Hinged Wardrobes perfect.
  • Sliding Wardrobes: If your room is in a modest size, or, the space for a built-in wardrobe may be positioned at a very odd spot, sliding wardrobes are the suitable option for your room. Sliding Wardrobes are highly Impressive because of its Fitness, Easy Installation process, smooth movement panels for sliding, storage capacity, and can apply customer options such as in materials, mirror and so on..
  • Walk-in Wardrobes: If you have any special Ideas regarding the wardrobe for your room, you can simply think of a custom- built Walk-in wardrobe to furnish your room. You can suggest the materials, finishing, accessories, hardware and fittings for your custom built in wardrobe. As per your needs, you can decide the number of cloth rods, hanging space, height, depth of shelves and drawers and internal partitions, outside fittings like a mirror and chair.

For Walk-in Wardrobes, we prefer complete customization and provide personalized service to each client. We are happy to bring your Ideas to life in order to make your living easier as your wish.

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At Brilliant wardrobes and Kitchens Sydney, we ensure you that all the wardrobes are purely Australian made and we warrantee them for 10 years. You can receive 10% discount when you book your favourite wardrobe online. Please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service.