Tips to Get Your Wardrobe Organised

The process of beginning to clean your closet is the hardest thing to do. It can even be emotional out of the blue where you could find stuff that you know you don’t need but feel like you should keep them because of the story behind them. Here are the things that you can do to tackle this big chore with confidence.

● “Does this bring me joy?”

Marie Kondo has popularised the KonMari method to cleaning up your wardrobe through Netflix “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” Kondo encouraged us to ask ourselves “does this sparks joy?” when we are cleaning up our clothes. You can try picking up that old t-shirt that you bought in Singapore ages ago and ask yourself if it (still) sparks joy. If it still sparks joy for you, you can keep it, if not, it’s time for you to sell it or donate it.  She explains that we can be grateful to items for the meaning they brought to us without feeling guilty separating with them when they no longer serve us.

● Sell your clothes

After you decided to sell your clothes that no longer serve you, you can choose one way to do it. There are many ways to do it, from consignment stores to online shops. Once you find the perfect method for you, you build a bag of clothes you want to try to sell. Now the tricky part is, you might never actually create that Posh-mark account or make a trip to that consignment store that you’ve been planning to go all week. But isn’t it fun thinking that you might be able to make money off of it? It’s all going to be worth it once you’ve done it and sold your clothes. Because not only your wardrobe is clean and tidy, you also get a little money from it.

● Sort your clothes by colour

This is one of the most used wardrobe cleaning method. Because there are several benefits to it. First, it could help you see if you have duplicates. You might not realise that you own five blue shirts until they’re all hanging next to each other. Yeah it probably one blue shirt is a t-shirt, one is a sweater, and one is an athletic shirt. That makes sense to keep them. But those two blue blouses might not all be necessary. Sorted them out by colour has other benefit as well. Now every time you open up your wardrobe and it looks aesthetically pleasing, you’re going to be motivated to keep it that way.

● Take everything out

When you’re really down on cleaning out your wardrobe, you’re going to want to invest your time and energy to take everything out and remove any hanging clothes from their hangers. It might look like a waste of time but in the end, it will save you. Because when you put your clothes back to your wardrobe, you start with your favourite ones. By the end, you might be a little sick of putting them back in there. When you find yourself not willing to do the work to put that shirt on that hanger or fold that jeans, it’s a sign that you do not really care about them and you should just sell or donate them.

Those are the tips that can help you cleaning up your messy wardrobe. If you think you still need more space for your clothes after cleaning up, or you just want a new fresh custom built wardrobe just for you, you can call Brilliant Wardrobes for a professional service.